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24 Hour Monitoring Service


It’s Absolutely Critical that When the Power Fails
that the Generator Works

During a power outage, it is vital that your emergency power system works every time! Remotely monitoring a standby generator helps to make sure that the emergency power system is ready for the next power failure. If a problem occurs, you’ll be alerted about it immediately and so will our Emergency Service Department, so you can get it fixed as soon as possible.

Hotline Consultant

Protect Your Power With Remote Monitoring

A generator’s primary purpose is to provide emergency power at any time. It is a critical piece of equipment that must not fail. However, it is estimated that at least 10% of generators will fail during a power outage. For many businesses and homes, power loss can threaten lives and cost money.

It is essential to know the health of your generator and that it works 100% of the time.

How confident are you that your emergency power system will work when needed?

With a BHC POWER generator monitoring system, you gain insight and knowledge on the core functions of the generator so you can rest assured that when the power goes out, you are protected. Monitoring a generator is vital to its reliability because you cannot risk equipment failure!

Have confidence in your generator with BHC POWER remote monitoring.

How Does It Work?

BHC POWER monitors use LTE cellular data to send event activity and receive commands. The generator monitor is installed using its custom wire harness.

Once an event is detected, it is transmitted and logged on the Power Link platform and can be sent out to you AND to our 24 Hour Monitoring Team as an alert via email and/or text.


A residential standby generator can serve as a reliable source of power when you need it most. Contact us today to learn more about residential generator installations and why you should work with BHC Power.

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