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Glass Buildings

Commercial sales & installation

Design build - Generator Installation

Let the experts at BHC POWER help you with your next critical power application. We have the team and experience to provide you with much more than just a piece of equipment. We can solve many of your critical power needs and give you a turnkey solution with our vast years of experience in this industry. At BHC POWER we provide Generator and UPS installations. Our vast network of professionals combined with world class products allows us to provide turnkey solutions. BHC POWER knows generators, but more importantly we also understand the complexities of installing generators. There are many things to consider when you’re installing a generator and having the right partner can save you considerable time, expense, and headaches. When the project begins, we will work with the site contacts, secure the permits and coordinate the installation, logistics, start up and commissioning, seamlessly integrating a total solution. At BHC POWER we supply more than just equipment we provide a full turnkey service that provides our customers with a value unmatched in the industry.

Equipment Procurement

Our team considers all of the requirements necessary in equipment selection and installation including tier requirements, sound attenuation, enclosure design, rigging, permits and fuel tank requirements. We match the equipment with the application to ensure you’re getting the right product at the right price with a professional installation.

Turnkey Equipment Installation

Our application’s team can design a solution for you, help with permitting and integrate the entire installation process from pouring the pad to rigging in the enclosure and conducting the start up.

Equipment Sales

Standby & Portable Generators of All Sizes
As in integrator of generator solutions, BHC POWER represents some of the leading equipment in the industry.

Electrical Testing & Maintenance

One of the most overlooked areas in any critical power system usually is the switchgear. Just like any electrical system, it is crucial to maintain your switchgear with regular maintenance. While switchgear may not have the requirements of annual maintenance, it is important to consider the criticality of the systems supported by the switchgear and determine the effects of a failure. Many of these switchgear failures can be catastrophic when they occur, resulting in long lead times and very high costs. In addition, they have many elements that effect life safety that need to be considered as well. Our service team has the expertise and training to maintain your infrastructure minimizing down time. Depending on the criticality of your system we have a scope that meets your needs. Let our team of professionals develop a plan that fits your requirements and budget to maintain your system so it operates in a safe and reliable manner. BHC POWER professional services go beyond repair and maintenance. Our technical staff and resources provide full lifecycle services for your critical infrastructure.

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