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Your Business NEEDS a Standby Generator

Natural disasters, storms, and unforeseen circumstances could have a negative or even debilitating impact on your business operations, especially if they cause your electricity to go out.

While it might not be possible to halt Mother Nature, you can take precautions to protect your business with an incident recovery plan. These plans detail how you will keep your business running during a natural disaster, outage, or other circumstances. Most incident recovery plans suggest using backup systems such as an emergency communications system, data recovery methods, and customer support channels. But often, alternative power sources are forgotten, despite their importance for keeping your business running.

An Automatic Standby Generator is an effective and important power source to have in the event of a power outage. In fact, your generator could help sustain your business so that you don’t suffer a loss of communication, data, or even customers.

Here are 4 major reasons why your business needs an automatic standby generator:

  1. Eliminate Unwanted Downtime. Your entire business could come to a screeching halt if you aren't prepared for a power outage. No power means no profit and no productivity. Employees standing around in the dark can kill your bottom line. With an automatic standby generator your business won't stagnate during an outage.

  2. Protect Your Customer's Data. An unpredictable power outage affects more than your headquarters and employees — your customers and their information will also be affected, too. Customers will want to make sure that their sensitive information is still accessible and secure during an outage, because computers and data serverscould become vulnerable when the power goes out.

  3. Keep Your Lines Of Communication Open. A backup generator allows your business to continue serving and supporting customers during a power outage. Customers will still need to reach you, and your backup generator can provide power to your support lines so they can be available. Take the time to inform your customers of the power outage for added transparency as you continue to connect and service their needs.

  4. Keep Crucial Systems Operational. A backup generator also keeps all of your mission-critical systems running. Whether it’s your HVAC unit, Refrigerators, or security system, a generator can prevent these crucial functions from going dark. As soon as power loss occurs, your standby generator will activate automatically and power all connected systems in your building or warehouse to help operations run as normal.

Should You Invest In A Backup Generator?

Whether it’s something as simple as providing power to your business phones or something bigger like powering a huge data center, it’s crucial that a power outage doesn’t leave your organization in ruins. And by choosing a backup generator, you can have an added line of defense against any potential power outages.

BHC POWER INC can help maintain, service, and repair your generator to make sure you won’t be without power. Contact us today and and let us help you take the next step toward maintaining your backup power source.

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