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For Gillette Generators, the customer is the greatest asset. Since the 1960s, Gillette has been determined to build and deliver world class products and services at a level that exceeds customers' expectations. Gillette has been manufacturing quality standby and portable generators for over fifty years, and has grown and diversified to provide generators for the commercial, military, institutional, agricultural, industrial, and residential markets. 

In the worst conditions, only the best generator will do. Gillette's home standby generators provide peace and security in the case of utility power failures. Varying sizes of standby generators are available to match power requirements of your home. Regardless of the Gillette generator model that fits your needs, you'll be able to count on your Gillette power generation product to keep your home and family safe, and your lifestyle intact.

Step forward with power with Gillette's Gen-Pro portable generator series. These USA-made, heavy duty generators feature exclusive Kleen-Power design to allow only 6% harmonic distortion, exclusive Power-Assist design to allow 27% more copper wire and electrical grade steel that leading competitors, heavy duty diodes, and heavy duty capacitators that extend the life of your equipment.

Gillette generators are made in the USA in one of three plants located in Elkhart, Indiana. Gillette manufactures natural gas, LPG, and diesel fueled generators from 12kW-400kW of power and feature GM, Vortec, and John Deere engines and Marathon generator ends.  

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